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If a fresh pair of eyes; a critical viewpoint; ‘been there done that’ experiences, and deep market connections are a valuable asset to have on tap – contact us.

FASEO is a boutique consulting firm specialising in strategic sales, marketing and execution – primarily in the financial services vertical.

Established in 2005, we have worked in the UK and across the EU and US markets, having accumulated knowledge and established good connections across digital, risk, operations, software solutions and team/member deployment functions.

We use our experiences to develop new and innovative solutions to meet the continuously evolving markets and technologies.

Client Case Studies
FASEO competencies
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We have walked in our clients' shoes and believe that working in partnership we can help craft, coax or otherwise elicit a winning ROI.

What we stand for

Flexible. We can work on partnership, contract, project, or day rate bases, depending upon the requirement.

Accountable. We ensure that client satisfaction is the fundamental goal that never changes.

Strategic. Systematic and straightforward to deal with.

Energetic. Execution focused.

Optimising. ROI results demonstrate our value.

We are smart enough to know that we do not always have all of the answers, in which case we usually know someone who does.

Engaging consultants

Our carefully selected consultants have on average 20+ years of experience, primarily gained in European and American institutions.

We have been involved in start-ups, business turn-arounds and growth scenarios. We have on occasion dealt with a few staff and customers, but also many thousands, and millions  of clients.

Our expertise stretches across both B2B and highly regulated B2C  environments.

People look to us for  our experiences, expertise, connections and most importantly can-do mentality.

Faseo is our business, and we will project manage the work with all
of our clients, and in many cases lead the execution too.




If your business wants to enter the UK market, or just isn’t getting traction, we would love to help get you up and running.
It’s not just what you know at times…but also who you know.

Breaking new ground

We all enjoy the challenge of doing something different, but recognise the boundaries that are set by geographies or regulation. This makes FASEO the perfect partner to help companies establish a UK beach-head, develop an overseas branch, or maybe introduce a new or challenging product.
Operating in a regulated market requires appropriate risk controls and knowledge, as well as feet-on-the-ground understanding of the culture and economic climate.

We work anywhere on the continuum from acting as a sounding board, to undertaking full execution, to deliver solutions such as:

  • Strategic Priorities
  • Key Staff Recruitment
  • Contact Centre
  • Software Vendor Selection
  • Delivery Channel Evaluation
  • Customer Lifecycle Management

We take the discovery stage further – often melding this with identifying areas for improvement.

Getting to know you

It is paramount that we understand your business, market place and operating culture.

We would commence an assignment with a brief situation analysis.

Covered by a non-disclosure agreement and of course carrying appropriate insurance and indemnity cover you can be assured of our complete subject matter security and data protection throughout any engagement.

> We will assimilate your plans and objectives and feed back our understanding.

> We design a route map focused upon your desired outcomes.

> We agree timeframes, costs and resource requirements.

> We execute.

Our client is the most important person. We strive to deliver best of breed solutions in a clear and transparent manner.

Client case studies

Coming soon.

We were engaged by a major CIS retail bank to complete a full review of their Credit Card Portfolios in terms of performance and to develop new strategies.

The current portfolios of mainly Co-branded Credit Cards had low levels of activity (less than 25%) and were running at a loss. Delinquency levels were also very high at over 20%.

Working closely with Marketing, Operations and Finance we carried out a full profitability analysis of each portfolio which highlighted high acquisition cost, driven by opening royalties to partners and low subsequent card usage.

As a result, we renegotiated the Co-brand contracts with 3 of the largest partners to reduce royalties to reward only on usage levels as well as increasing the amount of marketing carried out by each partner. Changes were made to each loyalty programme to drive incremental PoS usage by rewarding cardholder behaviour in the right way. We also instigated a suite of Management Reports to ensure operating staff had relevant daily, weekly and monthly reports on each partnership.

The impact of all of our strategic analysis, resulted in over a 30% improvement in both average PoS transaction size and average volume of transactions in the top performing Cobrand portfolios.

The largest global payment system retained our services, to research and create a strategic direction for developing the credit card product in one of their important east European markets. We combined desktop research, meetings with key merchants, setting up consumer focus group interviews and interviewing in excess of 40 local market banks across the country. We then produced and delivered the strategic report to the membership association executive, and later rolled that out to the representatives of the major banks in the country.

As a direct follow up to that contract, we were then given a further research objective that focused upon the distribution of PoS and card acceptance across the country. This had us looking at the distribution of cards, merchants, population density and created a case to involve the equipment manufacturers in funding the subsequent roll-out of the planned solution.

A very well established and high net worth sales force with average earning in the order of £150k pa. The business had little to no management control or development culture in existence. Current operations focused on paper based fact finding which was seldom completed and poorly used. The challenge was to move from one call and product selling to a much more rounded customer focused sales process using a new fact finding process. The FSA had highlighted several issues and concerns about the compliant and consistency of advice plus a general poor level of documentation.

To introduce new sales process that was compliant and consistent. To train and ensure all Financial Advisers and sales managers were competent in the new process. To up skill in effective use of fact finding by engaging the customer’s goals and aspirations and multi sell.

Consulting with head of T&C and sales director we agreed the sales standards and expectations and then designed training material and workshop plus assessment centre content. Assessed the adviser’s competence in role-play situation against sales standards and criteria, there were 400 FA and 32 sales Managers to train and assess.

Over the next 6 months:

  • Customer documentation and evidence satisfactory
  • Quality and consistency of fact find completion good.
  • Average sales had risen to 2.7 sales per meeting from 1
  • Referrals had risen to 2 per sales from 0
  • Sales production rose by 12 % over 6 months.
  • FSA return inspection found consistent sales process.

Our global payments client had us write and deliver a two day training programme on the subject of Loyalty to their 40 member banks. We explored the theory of what Loyalty means and how it can be measured. We introduced the audience to the concepts of the net promoter customer loyalty metric developed by Fred Reichheld. We then discussed how (practically) loyalty programmes have been developed and implemented – referencing globally recognised best practices.

The audience was left with a view that loyalty cannot be bought (if you want to buy loyalty, get a dog) but is worth building a corporate culture to foster and develop. Loyalty has to be measured. Loyal employees and customers bring wealth and prosperity and are worth the investment required. We also talked about identifying trapped customers, who are loyal through lack of choice, and how retaining them may in fact be undoing the business profita

As part of the training needs analysis we worked closely with regional director of sales, HR and branch management teams we identified four key factors that had to improve to transform the performance and profit of the bank.

  • Customer complaints had risen 15% over past 12 months.
  • Customer retention levels had fallen by 7% with account closure over previous 12 months.
  • Sales figures were 11% down YTD.
  • Staff morale was sliding with average score of staff survey 2 compared with 3.5 last year.

Developed and designed a series of training interventions that would address the skill gaps currently causing these performance issues. It was pivotal for the banks performance and profitability that branch based staff could deliver outstanding customer relationship building. This involved 1,200 managers 834 branches and all 6 business regions. Over the years a hard sell widget selling mind set had developed and this needed to change into a consultative based selling environment that would see results that were sustainable and profitable.


Designed a series of modules and workshops to introduce the concept of relationship building and listening and consultative style selling to help customer buy. Skill development was achieved by layering knowledge and practising listening and people skill techniques.

Over the next three months we measured and received feedback:

  • Customer complaint levels dropped by 7%.
  • Customer retention levels had increased by 4% over previous 12 months.
  • Volume of sales rose by 4%.
  • Staff satisfaction survey score went to 3 from 2 in the previous quarter.

Engaged by a US banking institution, we were asked to assist in the strategic development of a foreign subsidiary. The focus of our attention was to help them establish a clear market strategy and product development, to win new customers and forge a new business unit. We worked overseas in the European business but reported to both the local and global headquarters. Part of the challenge was to win the belief in local management that we supported their vision, born of local market knowledge and understanding.

In three months we had completed and handed across our strategic research document that was then to be owned and developed by the country head of card lending.

We were invited by the investors to take a blueprint business and bring it to market within 4 months.

We developed the business and financial plans and subsequently implemented the financial management and reporting modules.

Undertaking Companies House registration, the verification of OFT, ICO, MLA and all necessary regulatory, trade membership bodies, and compliance matters.

We designed the front end website, personalised and engaged the loan management software vendor, set up the servers and integrated all the partners to deliver an end to end solution. The payday lender launched in 2012 and we are retained to help optimise performance until the full management team is installed.

We have now a proven deliverable methodology for anyone wishing to enter this space in personal consumer lending.

We launched the UK businesses for two USA based companies. This allowed our partners to start their UK operations quickly for a relatively low cost, in comparison to creating the infrastructure for themselves and incurring significant overheads and expenditures on people, legal systems, premises etc.

Both unrelated partners had businesses with innovative new software products in online delivered retail loyalty and bad debt collection sectors. In both cases, we built their strategic plans, agreed Year 1 sales numbers and launched their businesses. Within 90 days we had contracted with their first UK customers – considerably faster than experienced in their US gestation periods. These customers were won through by a combination of personal contacts through Faseo, direct mailing, and attendance at various Trade Shows. Individual initial contracts were worth in excess of $250,000 per annum.

Please browse through the types of programmes that we have delivered to our clients.

FASEO competencies

  • We often shy-away from benchmarking, because market data may be too old, not strategically aligned or simply misleading due to poor input reporting.
  • Our take on benchmarking is that we should measure a business against ‘best in class performers’ taken across many industries and continents. While we identify the need for market comparison – and provide that under our RESEARCH service, our benchmarking takes a different route.

Underpinned by an approach drawn from the EFQM standard, we assess an organization against specific criteria – using trained professionals, and identify the standing of your institution. The benefit is that we identify areas for improvement, and not just put a marker against sector competitors

We all enjoy the challenge of doing something different, but recognise the boundaries that are set by geographies or regulation. This makes FASEO the perfect partner to help companies establish a UK beach-head, develop an overseas branch, or maybe introduce a new or challenging product.
Operating in a regulated market requires appropriate risk controls and knowledge, as well as feet-on-the-ground understanding of the culture and economic climate.

We work anywhere on the continuum from acting as a sounding board, to undertaking full execution

“When we grow our business we need to know if we are selecting the right customer for the right product? Have we tapped into the right market via the appropriate channel? Are we accepting the optimal level of risk? Is there a business plan that will develop and sustain the Customer relationship?”

Faseo consultants have a wealth of experience in building client strong organisations, walking the talk of being customer focused.

We can look at prospective markets, research qualitative and quantitative data and build compelling loyalty propositions.

Our deep understanding of risk management and affinity related marketing will place knowledge experts at your decision table.

“We are looking to drive Quality into our organisation but find it difficult to quantify”.

As a business, you are no doubt competitive and want to strive to become the best you can be. That involves having a ‘never rest’ mentality, continuously ‘raising the bar’ and improving your overall business performance.

If you are committed to continuous improvement, then Faseo are the perfect partners for you. We have considerable knowledge and practical experience of Business Excellence assessment, approaches and deployment.

The process starts by knowing exactly where you are today and identifying and fully deploying your strengths and addressing your areas for improvement.

When Business Excellence is implemented effectively, financial performance improves dramatically!

“Times are tough and the pressure is on. We need to find ways to survive. We know it’s not just about cutting the marketing spend or reducing the workforce, but what should we do?”

Our belief is that the beginning of cost reduction is when times are good – not bad. But not many of us can live that mantra – so when we need to improve our cost to income ratios, what can we do without cutting into the muscle of the business?

We know that many organisations carry waste and rework as a matter of daily business. Using our analytical tools, we can quickly get to grips with where opportunities lie. Not just the measures of output – but input too. Looking at:

  • Productivity and not production;
  • Processes and handovers; and
  • Rework against finished product – planning time versus execution

Talk to Faseo about getting the business right and having the results follow.

In the specific domain of card management, Faseo have real hands-on experience in creating niche products from the drawing board and bringing them to market in a controlled and measured way.

We have built strategies for recruiting, activating, maintaining and retaining the good customers. We also have worked on loss mitigation and the enhancement of risk strategies and collection methodologies.

Following the rationale of the EFQM model (and our derived HealthCheck), we concentrate on how an organisation functions. The development and structure of the business has to be aligned to the vision and that in turn supported by strategies and executable plans. People need to know how they can contribute and what they are accountable for.

A happy and enabled employee becomes an advocate for the organisation.

A satisfied and engaged customer becomes an advocate and a loyal client who will be the bedrock for success of the organisation.

These two statements are co-dependent. We work with banks and institutions to drive a sense of ownership into the workforce and spill that across to the delighting of the customers.

Building loyalty is an art – and in these days of tough competition and economic uncertainties, can be a key determinant for success.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Leadership coaching;
  • Team building and alignment;
  • Individual coaching and training;
  • Acquisition;
  • Activation;
  • Delight;
  • Retention;
  • Complaint celebration;
  • Business process improvement;
  • Communication;
  • Channel integration;
  • Contact centre development;
  • Risk management;
  • Scorecard development;
  • Collection strategies;
  • Collections execution by channel; and

Metrics and BBS dashboards.

“Our people are our greatest asset! We just haven’t got that asset tuned up”.

If you really want to engage and develop your Talent Pool, let Faseo bring experienced help.

We can demonstrate how to manage, develop and release the knowledge and full potential of your people at an individual, team-based and organisation-wide level.

We have proven strategies, structures and education programs that are not “just theory” but have been effectively introduced and executed within businesses to positively “change the culture”.

We believe that people perform their best when they are informed, involved and empowered. Release the power in your business!

Many organisations are fixated on the importance of efficiency. What if you’re doing the wrong thing for your business, but doing it well? You may be efficient, but are you effective?

We can assess your effectiveness by stepping back and applying your product and execution against your target market needs.

Our program will ensure that:

  • The organisation is delivering an optimal and appropriate service or product to the consumer;
  • You are attaining the appropriate levels of customer retention and satisfaction – critical today in developing a long term business success;
  • Your internal processes and hand-overs execute appropriately; and
  • Ownership of each process is clear.

Faseo tackles the need to manage productivity, over basic production. As the natural counterpoint to effectiveness (doing the right things), efficiency will ensure that we do them well.

Our program will:

  • Review and map key business processes;
  • Align processes with strategic plans;
  • Reduce waste and rework;
  • Document policy and procedure;
  • Leave a lasting legacy for continued improvement; and
  • Involve everyone in the improvement and understanding of their contribution.

Developing the talent pool is critical to knowledge and performance growth. Organisational performance is maximized when it is based on the management and sharing of knowledge within a culture of continuous learning, innovation and improvement.

Businesses must be structured to identify, develop and sustain the knowledge and competencies of its people.

The full potential of your people is realised through shared values and a culture of trust and empowerment, which encourages the involvement of everyone.

Our 15 core modules cover:

  • Coaching – leaders, client facing employees, individuals and teams;
  • Relationship Building – internal and external;
  • Collections Management – applying rigor to phases of collection;
  • Managers in the Workforce;
  • Learning Styles;
  • Staff Interaction – role play and workshop;
  • Core Communication;
  • Go For Gold – participant business game;
  • Habit Training – drawing upon Stephen Covey;
  • Process Improvement (mapping);
  • Communication (at company, group and individual);
  • Personal Development;
  • Organizational Competency metrics;
  • Appraisal Review processes;
  • Identifying and meeting learning needs in your workforce; and
  • We deliver training sessions in the workplace using current business issues and not dry text-book teaching.

We learn through play and the discussion of sound principles and habits that will be sustained.

We are passionate about a continuous improvement approach to business – always striving to be the best we can be.

Faseo promote the fundamental concepts of excellence which underpin our approach:

  • Results orientation;
  • Customer focus;
  • Leadership and constancy of purpose;
  • Management by process and facts;
  • People development and involvement;
  • Continuous learning and improvement;
  • Partnership development; and
  • Public responsibility.

Research by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) provides independent objective evidence that the effective implementation of the above principles impacts bottom-line business results.

“Great strategy, poorly executed! What went wrong and why?”

This is the gap between what a company’s leaders want to achieve and the ability of their units to deliver it. The failure of many organisations.

No strategy delivers results unless it’s converted into specific actions. If you are struggling to make it happen, fix a problem or get it done, then act NOW!

Faseo can help you “build the blocks” – making the link between strategy and people and together, get things done effectively and on time.

The alternative option to acquiring portfolios of business, is to grow organically. Based upon your market segment in this challenging economy, that may be difficult – but no matter what business you manage, there are some common approaches worth undertaking.

Faseo have helped organisations develop both niche and broad markets. We offer the facility to research your market, develop a strategic plan, and then identify critical factors for success.

As entrepreneurs, we are acutely aware of the need to build a solid business by on-boarding customers who demonstrate the right criteria for a long term relationship. We are passionate about being customer centric, and have built acquisition and loyalty retention programs that delivered double digit retention rates from previously transient clients.

The added value in appointing Faseo lies in our planning your market entry, and the tactical approaches to cross-selling and up-selling products or services.

“A ship without a captain is like an organisation without a leader… lost at sea”.

A Leader is not just the CEO, or even his/her immediate team. Leadership is the pathfinder of any business and drives the enabling components to produce results, so it’s pretty important!

But how often do organisations assess and review their Leadership competencies and behaviours? How effective is your Leadership Team?

Maybe now is the time to invest in their development and make sure they are “driving” the business in the most effective and appropriate way. Let’s get them all personally involved in the continuous improvement of the business.

As business leaders we have experience of building a nurturing culture suited to team development and coaching.

We face more discriminating challenges today than ever before. With little room for error or waste, today’s leaders must focus on developing the team to be responsible business ‘owners’.

We will be delighted to present proposals to those organisations that may be:

  • Seeking to cut costs and increase employee productivity;
  • Taking a workforce through periods of change and uncertainty;
  • Developing leadership and management talent; or
  • Searching for sustainable results.

We address leaders at various levels of an organisation and can deliver large group or
1-2-1 sessions.

Our modules are comprehensive in nature but based on actual real-life examples that provide a toolset for the individual to develop further and apply directly in their workplace. Contact Jan to learn more.

“We run numerous working parties. We hold lots of meetings. Yet when it comes down to brass tacks – we take too long to execute and often don’t get the optimal result!”

If you see a little piece of the above statement in your business day, we should talk.

A lot of companies (and individuals too) are great at creating a plan – but fall down when it comes to the stages of planning and then execution.

Leadership team assessment is a critical component to ensure that we have the appropriate accountable people in any planning process. We introduce a simplified project planning process (derived from PMBOK) to manage the stages of any project.

We work with teams to drive excellence through understanding and buy-in to the vision of success. We train your people to be more effective team leaders and team members.

Our objective is to ensure that all good planning is executed on time, within budget and exceeding predetermined objectives. Just like a Faseo engagement!

We provide a no cost exercise that is typically funded on a revenue share basis that delivers significant income enhancement straight to the bottom line.

If Faseo cannot find a direct benefit, then it costs you nothing!

If Faseo earn from the assignment – you know that you will earn significantly more.

A tangible win-win! Contact Jan to learn more.

Allied to a European research company, and with dedicated country specific resources, we provide the following services across the EU and CIS marketplace:

  • Desk research – scanning available sources, company/industry/country information, financial performance and competitor analysis.
  • Qualitative/quantitative research – face-to face in-depth interviews, mystery shopping, telephone interviews.
  • Comparative analysis – cost, staffing, effectiveness analysis across various industries and functions.
  • Supplier search/Outsourcing – looking for business partners in CEE/CIS areas.

Market research goes beyond pure data gathering. Our goal is to collect, analyse and transform raw data into practical knowledge. We will help you take advantage of better understanding your consumers, competition and overall market structure.

The objective for any strong leadership group is to impose a culture that bonds the team and makes you truly unique.

We have developed programs that will enable you to:

  • Have role models aligned;
  • Gather and share intelligence;
  • Challenge and develop plans;
  • Gain consensus for action;
  • Align people to ‘True North’, so bonding the team and building upon its strength;
  • Seek continuous improvement; and
  • Implement a robust management system.
  • “We get a good result quickly – but it doesn’t last. People lose focus or the same results just reappear”.
  • It is like just moving the deckchairs – we often see results that quickly change, then revert, because the basic activities have not altered. Same room, same deckchairs – just placed in a different position.
  • Our approach goes to the heart of what we call enabling factors or ‘enablers’ – the leaders, people, processes, policies and systems that deliver eventual business results. By understanding the impacts and interplays of the enablers, we seek out opportunities to rebuild a stronger and firmer business foundation. Not manipulating the results (the deckchairs) but applying a fresh paradigm; a set of metrics and a redesign of the processes, to deliver long term change that gives sustainable results.
  • Results may not come quite so quickly – but will last much longer. In a time when reinvention is important, we see this as a critical activity few can ignore.
  • “We have a good plan and want to get the message out and understood by all of our people. How can we do that to gain best effect?”
  • Faseo have numerous training modules that are customised to suit your business and that can be rewritten in your company terms to match your culture – so that we can talk the same language.
  • The language of success needs a focal point – and drawing upon principles, habits, communication skills and best practices we work with organisations to bond teams to become aligned to True North. We hone the skills and develop winners.
  • Our experienced training associates have a background of senior level management, and are practitioners who have the skill set and desire to share their knowledge, through detailed and structured training programmes.
  • Our trainers have worked extensively across the Financial Services sector in Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa and have worked with organisations such as Lloyds Banking Group, Santander, Barclays and Visa Europe. Our experience is not limited to Financial Services though, and we are proud that our trainers have worked with companies in sectors such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Government owned organisations.
  • We work and deliver materials in the English language, and amongst our FASEO team members we are also fluent in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and German, and therefore have a deep understanding of the associated cultural nuances within this region.

If you would like to have a confidential meeting or conversation, or simply have questions please talk to us, or complete this form.

Contact us

Client Case Studies
FASEO competencies
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Faseo Limited: 05515322
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